Research and projects

Research, journalism and network-building
An innovative, solid and multidisciplinary approach 

Our team combines research, analysis, editorial production, training, communication, consulting services and network-building. Our objective consists in facilitating a proficient exchange of skills, knowledge and understanding of geopolitical and security issues and to build a sound international cooperation network.

We focus on the Mediterranean, the Arab and Islamic worlds, conflicts, radicalisation and terrorism contexts, security (micro and macro levels) and European defence policies.

START InSight is available to interact with researchers, experts, the media, legislators, private companies and the general public with a view to discussing and offering useful perspectives which can be modeled on different clients’ interests and necessities, be it public, private or academic institutions and companies.

We are headquartered in Lugano (Switzerland) and we operate in Turin and Rome (Italy) as well.
Should you have any suggestions and/or specific requests for collaboration, please do not hesitate to contact us! We evaluate short-term, long-term and permanent projects.