Our horizon
START InSight’s activities deal with geopolitical issues. Our analysis and research are mainly concerned with the Mediterranean, the Arab and Islamic worlds, conflicts, European security and defence policies, the contexts of radicalisation and terrorism.

Dynamic, accessible, flexible and up-to-date 
START InSight is a private company with a research team working in autonomy both in Italy and Switzerland.
Our light structure affords us to collaborate with third parties in different fields: we can carry out analysis and studies on request; we can take part in entrepreneurial projects; we can co-produce reportages, inquiries and documentaries; we can organise or supervise multilateral talks, events, and training days; we can launch and follow independent, exclusive and up-to-date research strands. Our perspective is international. We speak Italian, English and French.

Our method – research, journalism and entrepreneurship
START InShight aims at widening the traditional approach to research, by matching academic methodology with the immediacy of journalistic inquiries and language; in other words, lawmakers’ and public opinion’s concerns can be taken into consideration with a view to ‘strenghtening’ analysis and its assumptions. Along this path, we wish to reason on different realities, opportunities and potentialities, and to contribute to the drafting of concrete projects (be it research-oriented or entrepreneurial) stemming from ideas. We consider such approach particularly useful in the field of security, terrorism and radicalisation issues, where a sound collaboration between the public and the private sphere is considered fundamental, and growing.

Network building
START InSight designs to establish itself as a platform where experts and ideas converge to share and discuss joint research projects, multidisciplinary collaborations and the creation of international consortiums with a view to take part in national and EU-framed and funded initiatives within the field of security.

We can associate with and activate links with individual professionals, public and private institutions and companies.